Basic Design Plan


Basic rendering delivered digitally.  This can guide initial planning also be a useful tool for experienced building contractors not tied to a specific floor plan yet.  For a homeowner, this can launch your project from a dream into reality.  Included:

  • One (1) single elevation type drawing based on information provided in the form.
  • Three (3) depictions of the elevation drawing from different angles.
  • 10 minutes of initial consultation including reviewing images, measurements, and dream visions provided.
  • 30 minutes feedback and revisions to initial design.
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Get a simple artistic architectural rendering for your build project.  This can be used to communicate a vision by a homeowner, or to a homeowner from a contractor.  The most common request is an initial Elevation Drawing.

Elevation drawings for the exterior show what the building might look like from the front, side or back.  From elevation drawings you might need to generate multiple Elevation drawings to compare options on roof lines, dormers, general window and door frame placements, etc.   Next might be your Floor Plans.  Floor Plans are vital to the contractor so they can build the structure as envisioned.  For more comprehensive drawing packages, look at our options or contact us.